5 Days Vastu Workshop

In this We offer the 1st Level i.e. Basic Vastu Course, the 2nd Level i.e. Advanced Vastu Course, the 3rd Level i.e. Professional Vastu Course and the 4th Level i.e. Remedial Vastu Course, Together in a 5 Day Workshop. This includes the following:

Basic Vastu Course

Basic Vastu is the First and foremost stepping stone in the Entire Vastu Shastra Course. The Basic Vastu course can be done by beginners or Students or Housewives who have some amount of free time in their hands and some basic level of intelligence.

The basic Vastu Course is also the 1st Step in the array of Vastu courses that we offer at our Institute. It can be a great source of learning for practicing Vastu consultants as well who want to broaden their horizon in the universe of Vastu Shastra.

Hence, this course is beneficial for anyone who wants to get to know about a basic Level of Vastu Shastra.

Advanced Vastu Course

This course is the Second stepping stone in the Student’s Journey in the course of Vastu Shastra. This Course is an even better eye opener for anybody interested in learning Vastu Shastra.

This is an Advanced level to the basic Vastu Course which accountable for building a lot of budding Vastu Experts in India and abroad equally.

This course can also be done by practicing Vastu Consultants who want to get to learn Vastu at an even higher level.

This Course is equally important for anybody who wants to and is striving towards becoming a successful Vastu consultant in the long run.

Professional Vastu Course

This Vastu Course is the third Stepping stone in the entire array of Vastu Courses that we offer in our institute. This Vastu course is extremely crucial for budding Vastu Consultants who are aspiring to become Successful Vastu Consultants. This Professional Vastu Course is equally important for Vastu Consultants who are already in Practice but wish to learn more about the intricate details of Vastu and the newer and latest theories coming up in Vastu Shastra.

Every student who has started with Vastu courses in our academy should aspire to complete this course with flying colors. only then can one become successful in his endeavors in the field of Vastu learning.

Remedial Vastu Course

The remedial Vastu course is the last and final level in the Vastu courses offered at our institute. This course is highly beneficial for those who want to learn about the Vastu of today’s age.

This is a highly advanced Vastu course wherein the Students learn about Vastu without demolition and how to check and cure the Various Vastu defects in any premise without spoiling the structure of the premise and without doing any breakdown in the building.

This is a highly demanded topic these days and it would be very beneficial for the students to learn about this topic.

Fees: INR 62000/- (USD 980)

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